Aesthetic flower background with text saying a website that includes my work experiences, hobbies, interests, and samples of my work.

A website including my work experiences, hobbies, interests, and samples of my work!

About Me

A bit of information about my skillset and what makes me, me!

Creative Work

I have made flyers and posts using Canva. I also have experience making videos and promotions using TikTok and CapCut.

Social Media

I manage and post on a business profile on Instagram. I also respond to comments and direct messages the account may receive from other businesses or customers.

Customer Service

I have served customers and families in a small business atmosphere. I strive to achieve satisfaction amongst all of the people I serve.


Growing up playing sports, I always knew being a leader was important. I would consider myself a leader in most situations including group projects and internship opportunities.


Being a Communication Studies major, I find that in order to be successful with anything I need to communicate effectively and efficiently. Proper communication helps avoid misunderstandings and improves productivity.


Having an eye for detail helps to ensure quality work and make the content stand out when compared to the rest. I truly believe the little things make the biggest differences at the end of the day.